Systems and Theory

Course website for the SWC-Gatsby SN+TN course.

Fall Term Schedule

(Module #1: Core Concepts)

04-Oct-2016-11h00: (PL)

"What do we (need to) know about brains?"

Lecture Slides

07-Oct-2016-11h00: (PL)

"Action potentials, cable equation, and axons."

Homework #1 (due 14-Oct-2016)

11-Oct-2016-11h00: (PL +YI)

"Synapses + Channels/Receptors + Signalling = Plasticity"

Lecture Slides

Homework #2 (due 23-Oct-2016)


NO CLASS (SWC Symposium)

18-Oct-2016-11h00: (TB)

"Synaptic Integration in Single Neurons"

(Module #2: Sensory Systems)

21-Oct-2016-11h00: (Simon Shultz)

"Information processing in primate visual systems"

25-Oct-2016-11h00: (MS)

"Neural Coding (and the optimality thereof)"

Homework #3 (due 4-Nov-2016) - Test Image

28-Oct-2016-11h00: (MS)

"Perceptual Systems"

Lecture Slides

(Module #3: Motor Systems)

01-Nov-2016-11h00: (AM)

"Circuits for motor control"

Lecture 1 ,Lecture 2

04-Nov-2016-11h00: (Zhaoping Li)

"Models for motor control"

Homework #4 (due 25-Nov-2016) - Article - Matlab code - Lecture slides

18-Nov-2016-11h00: (Peter Holland)

"Pavlovian conditioning"

Lecture slides

1-Dec-2016-11h00: (Peter Latham)

"Hippocampus and Neural Networks"

Lecture slides - Notes on firing rate equations



13-Dec-2016-11h00: (Adam Kampff)