International Winter Neuroscience Conference

6th - 10th April 2025
Hotel Das Central, Sölden, Austria

Code of Conduct

The International Winter Neuroscience Conference is committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for all attendees to participate fully. All harassing and harmful behaviours towards other attendees and/or staff are unacceptable. We ask all attendees to help us ensure that a positive environment is maintained, throughout the duration of the conference (i.e. both scheduled symposia and networking, meals and social events are all included under this code).

We encourage any attendee who experiences or witnesses inappropriate / harassing behaviour to report it to the organisers such that action to enforce this policy can be taken. If possible, reports should be made during the conference, such that swift action can be taken, but can be made at any time.

Perpetrators will be asked to leave the conference and will not be allowed to attend future events. As appropriate, the organisers will engage with local security staff, law enforcement and/or the perpetrator’s employers to follow up on complaints.

The organisers welcome feedback on this policy.